Records Management

We counsel clients on document management systems and can help select the right platform for each client’s document needs. If a client needs to create a document management system that reflects complex document hierarchies (contracts, amendments, sub-contracts) and the legal terms of individual documents, we can provide a review team to analyze and code the documents. We are available to manage the records management transition process through final implementation, and can provide training sessions to relevant personnel on the software and categorization process. Once the document management system is in place, we are available to provide legal review services on an as-needed basis.

We offer expertise in:

  • assisting in the selection of document management systems;
  • assembling, training and supervising document review teams;
  • training client personnel on records management policy and process;

Litigation Readiness

Having the right retention policies in place is an effective preventive measure against overly burdensome discovery costs. We are available to consult on legal hold systems and retention policies, assessing what should be archived, what can be deleted, and when.

We can:

  • review and assess current document retention policies;
  • update retention policies to address mobile computing and social media;
  • review standard operating procedures to assess and mitigate litigation risks;
  • provide advice on the product stewardship process;
  • develop a litigation response plan;
  • draft document retention hold notices in preparation for litigation.