Integrated e-Discovery

To complement our attorney managed review services, Tanenholz & Associates offers a full suite of e-discovery services to manage ESI from collection to processing to production. These ancillary e-discovery services are priced highly competitively to help clients contain total discovery costs.

We offer a fully scalable discovery solution to rein in costs regardless of case size. Our e-discovery project managers work closely with lead attorneys from the outset of each case to assess and cull data, uniquely configure the database and review platform, customize the review workflow, provide robust reporting, and perform ongoing quality control.

Case data is hosted securely on an e-discovery platform in the cloud, simplifying management and attorney review.

With e-discovery services now bundled into Tanenholz & Associates’ core offerings, clients can choose Tanenholz & Associates as a complete discovery solution to provide seamless project integration and improved budget certainty.

Services include:

  • Collections & Computer Forensics
  • Data Processing
  • Early case assessment (ECA)
  • Advanced analytics
  • Hosted review
  • Robust reporting
  • Production