Smarter Document Review

We provide our clients a full spectrum of legal document review services, from first-pass reviews to final privilege review, with built-in legal oversight.  Our attorney review teams often perform high-level review work that would otherwise be performed by expensive big firm associates.

Document review teams are assembled based on the individual needs of each case and can be tailored to accommodate foreign language or special background requirements. Under the supervision of a Senior Associate, our attorney teams review documents for relevancy, confidentiality, issues, potential privilege and privilege. If needed, our special projects attorneys are available to prepare issue binders and privilege logs.

All of our attorneys are licensed in the jurisdiction where they work, and most have five or more years of legal experience from diverse backgrounds in Big Law, solo practice, and ediscovery.  They are quite skilled at what they do, and our clients have noticed – we frequently field requests for our attorneys on new matters and projects, and we are usually able to accommodate these requests.  This has allowed our clients the opportunity to take advantage of our attorneys’ knowledge base of their corporate structure and specific matters even after their initial projects are complete.

We offer expertise in:

  • assembling, training and supervising attorney review teams;
  • assisting in the selection and management of data hosting and
    review platform vendors.

We can draft:

  • substantive review/privilege manuals,
  • workflow status reports,
  • memoranda on legal, factual or technical issues,
  • witness prep binders,
  • case chronologies,
  • privilege and confidentiality logs,
  • budget projections and spend reports,
  • collection/production tracking reports,
  • key document reports/binders,
  • end of project wrap-up summary memoranda.