How does the relationship between Tanenholz & Associates and its co-counsel firms work?

Tanenholz & Associates, PLLC has partnered with trial counsel firms ranging in size from two attorneys to more than 1,500. Our goal is to use our expertise in discovery to allow trial counsel to focus on all other aspects of the case, and not the mechanics of executing complex document reviews. Our role is to help free up trial counsel and their resources so that they can focus on what they do best.

The main tasks we perform consist of drafting review budget projections, advising on data hosting and review platform selections, breaking the case down into the important issues to capture in the review, drafting the training manual and review protocols, assembling and training review attorney teams, supervising and quality checking the daily review work, and reporting back to trial counsel with our work product. These tasks are most effectively performed by experts who deal with these issues every day and are able to constantly manage the process.

By acting as the liaison between trial counsel, the review attorneys, and technology vendors, we are able to ensure that the trial attorneys receive all the information they need to litigate the case without spending their own time to cull that information.

In virtually all matters involving large amounts of data, the attorneys who litigate the case are not the same ones who initially review the data. In that sense, having a Tanenholz & Associates, PLLC review team perform the bulk of a document review is functionally no different than when the associates or staff attorneys of a large firm perform document review for their senior trial attorneys. In both cases, the information exchange between the trial team and the document review team is best facilitated by experienced Discovery Counsel attorneys. Just as firms may bring on co-counsel to assist with any other specific aspect of law, such as local court rules, health care regulations, or appeals, they should choose to partner with Tanenholz & Associates, PLLC for our expertise in discovery. We invite you to contact the firms with whom we have worked to hear more about our successful collaborations.

What are the advantages of hiring Discovery Counsel over a document review company?

1. Containment of total discovery costs

Using experienced Discovery Counsel is the best way to minimize total discovery costs. Commercial managed review vendors often advertise seemingly low hourly rates or unit pricing, but what really matters is minimizing the total cost of completing a document review project. Because commercial managed review vendors are not authorized to provide legal services, they are unable to perform countless legal tasks required during a review, such as signing off on final document productions, rendering final privilege determinations, and producing legally defensible privilege logs. Such companies generally provide first-level review or tag documents for potential privilege, leaving the ultimate legal determinations to be performed by someone else — typically the high-priced associates at the trial counsel firm. These additional costs need to be factored into the total costs associated with the document review. Because Tanenholz & Associates, PLLC is a law firm engaged in the practice of law, it may render final legal determinations as part of an integrated review process. Thus, Tanenholz & Associates, PLLC can generally offer the lowest total cost, not just the lowest cost of a first-pass review.

2. Quality and accountability

The Tanenholz & Associates, PLLC philosophy is “do it once and do it right.” We are able to provide top-notch counsel throughout the entire litigation process. Tanenholz & Associates, PLLC partners have over 20 years combined experience in discovery and have the references to verify all of our claims of superior legal counsel and discovery management. When large scale document review is needed, we utilize specially trained Discovery Counsel attorneys who are supervised by our management team of experienced litigators. All of our attorneys possess substantial document review and e-discovery experience and many have worked for the firm on multiple cases. When clients retain Tanenholz & Associates, PLLC they know precisely who is going to be responsible for their matter and accountable for the work product.

We are a big firm, what are clients going to think if we can’t do our own discovery work?

You are doing your own discovery work. You are still responsible for all of the discovery requests, written discovery responses, depositions, discovery motions, strategy, and court appearances. Teaming with Discovery Counsel is the best way to negotiate through large amounts of data so you can quickly and accurately get the information and support needed to litigate your case. Your clients will appreciate your use of low-cost, highly-motivated and experienced Discovery Counsel attorneys. Most clients are actively looking for innovative ways to cut litigation spend and this is one of the best ways to do that. We encourage you to contact the trial counsel firms with whom we have worked so that you can learn more about the positive outcomes they have achieved by partnering with us.