Our Value

Tanenholz & Associates, PLLC differentiates itself from other discovery providers by providing complete legal review services, including supervision of the legal work performed by our discovery attorneys. This allows our partner trial counsel firms to focus their energies on other substantive aspects of the litigation without having to devote time to the day-to-day management and supervision of a review team. Though vendor and law firm partnerships for document review can be effective, they can also result in fractured or duplicative work product, which ends up costing the client. As a discovery law firm, we are able to provide clients with predictable pricing for the entire review process, to offer transparent, fully defensible legal review, and to stand behind our work. We believe that our model provides clients with the greatest value in document review for these three reasons.

Predictable Pricing

We offer fixed-cost and hourly review rates for the complete review process, including:
• All communication with in-house and trial counsel
• Drafting of a substantive review manual
• Substantive orientation and training of review team by a project managing attorney
• First level review by review attorneys
• Privilege review by discovery associates
• A full-time project managing attorney for every fifteen attorneys on the review team
• Utilization of a battery of systematic quality control procedures at every review layer
• Creation of privilege logs
• Final quality control of production set and production sign-off
• Certifying productions

Transparent, Fully Defensible Review

Our process involves in-depth substantive training, multiple layers of review and quality control, and daily review management and supervision by one or more attorney project managers. And unlike a large law firm, our rates are highly competitive. We maintain a core team of attorney project managers and discovery associates, and scale our efforts with additional temporary attorney hires as needed. With Tanenholz & Associates overseeing the review process, both the client and their trial counsel firm benefit through reduction of discovery costs and a single point of contact for review issues.


When we are engaged to complete a review project, there’s no question of who is responsible for overseeing the review work product: we are. Our partner trial firms may wish to perform their own quality control and spot checks, but we remain ultimately accountable for our legal work.