Welcome to the Brand New Tanenholz & Associates office!

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After months of preparation, it is finally here. That is right, we have officially moved into our new, cutting-edge E-Discovery law firm office! We are literally one floor up from our old suite. And trust us, Tanenholz & Associates is not done moving up in the world.

We are beyond excited at our new office. It has everything we need to be an industry-leading document review and E-Discovery law firm. It has a conference room. It has secure reviewer work spaces. It has dual monitors and advanced review hardware. And it has a sleek professional new design:

The new Tanenholz & Associates office in downtown, Washington, D.C.

We had big vision for a quickly growing small firm: serve multiple clients, build in security, and have the best tech tools in the industry.

This new office showcases the unique potential of Tanenholz & Associates, a boutique law firm with expertise in E-Discovery and document review. We rely on expert E-Discovery professionals, and a core of top-of-the-line review attorneys that are part of the firm, not just contractors.

We review faster. We review better. And we add value to our clients. Now we can add even more:

Better facilities

Better security.

Better internet.

Better E-discovery service.

Our facility supports five new reviewer case rooms for multiple review work-flows. Each is equipped with security systems, dual monitors, and advanced review software.

The Long Road to New Beginnings

It was a long road to get here. Building something from almost nothing takes a lot of sweat, grit, and copious amounts of caffeine. But we have reached the light at the end of the tunnel!

Firm partner Charles Marr strides bravely into the future.

We started out by planning the layout of the office. The dream was to have many review rooms, each with secure electronic locks on the door. Plus better internet. Plus comfortable offices for our senior staff or on-site associates.

No planning was too big and no detail was too small. As a scrappy small law firm we all do our part. Everyone from top to bottom chipped in. When work has to get done, we do it.

Counsel Candace Beck with Partner Charles Marr and Administrative Assistant Katie Henderson all chip in on office design.

Of course, our fearless leader and law firm partner David Tanenholz put his blood, sweat and tears into this new office dream.

Mostly sweat, actually. Moving an office takes a lot of elbow grease! But there may have been a few tears …

David Tanenholz pouring out his heart and soul into business development

But that’s to be expected when you start with something like this:

And end with something like this:

Or something that begins as this:

And ends like this:

In the end, it was all worth it. The dust of construction has settled, revealing a beautiful and professional space with new amenities such as large screen televisions used for on-screen training, and dual monitors to allow for wide-screen document views.

We want to keep all this expensive technology safe. Every door has electronic security locks which help ensure that confidential information is truly confidential.

A New Design and New Vision for Tanenholz & Associates

Partner Charles Marr immersed himself into the planning of the new office just like he would on any E-Discovery project. This hands-on attention to detail is something you won’t see at a big firm. Our attorneys are here to serve in every possible way. Nothing is too big, and nothing is too small.

The personal touch still matters in the E-Discovery field.

Charles showing his characteristic determination and attention to detail.

Charles proudly surveying his handiwork

With all these fresh beginnings, Tanenholz & Associates is posed to take the E-Discovery world by storm.

But some things will never change.

Never fear. Of course there is still popcorn. 

All of this makes David very happy.

David Tanenholz is beyond excited at being able to serve more clients in his new office. After all, he has a family to feed.

Come and Join Us

Welcome to the new Tanenholz & Associates space. Our new facility gives us a new foundation for our business.

But our greatest asset is our dedication to efficiency, teamwork, and a can-do attitude. This is our firm. Our associates who review your actual documents are part of the team. And we take pride in working together on that team.

A passionate discussion about document review. Really. [No, that’s not a joke.]

Left to right Discovery Associate Ben Eisenberg and Jed Goldfried, Partner Charles Marr, Senior Associates Michael Clarke and Stacey Angerome, Review Attorney Tom Bengtson, Discovery Associates Rebecca Rockwood, Janet Ridge, and Regina Rana (not pictured)

That is what makes us the best in the industry. Our unique boutique E-Discovery law firm will change your view of document review. Come stop on by and let’s talk about the difference you can make with law firm managed review.

David and our new partner Charles Marr are ready to bring your E-Discovery game to a whole new level.

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  1. Mike McDonnell says:

    David, I enjoyed the tour. Building out a new office is never easy. Good luck to you and your entire staff in your new digs. Mike McDonnell Lupin, Inc.

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