New Office and Expansion!

We are thrilled to announce that we have just substantially upgraded our review suite and office headquarters!  We aren’t moving far, but we are moving up.  Literally—one floor up in our current building.  Our new home in Suite 440 is gonna be lit!


Building management is just putting on the finishing touches as we speak, and we should be ready to move by the end of the week.  We’ll post more pictures once we’re all moved in and the place is looking spiffy.  But we’re so excited we couldn’t help but give a little preview.

More Space and Privacy

The new space adds 800 square feet of floor space, most of which is dedicated to our review case team rooms.  (My fancy corner office will be much less fancy and cornery)  Artist rendition below:

The new configuration will now easily support 45-50 review attorneys, or 60 sardines.  Just kidding, we wouldn’t do that.  The new space will have the same dual, over sized monitor workstations and 48 inch desks for each attorney.  We like to be cozy, but not that cozy.  Well, maybe sometimes we do.

The space will also offer several private guest offices for our visiting co-counsel to allow them to take a more active role in our reviews, to just keep a periodic eye on us, or to hide out from their own firms.

More Security 

Perhaps the most important feature of the new space is our enhanced security.  We have installed Kastle Systems state-of-the-art integrated security system, which incorporates physical access control, intrusion detection, video, and visitor management, and is backed by sophisticated monitoring, analytics, reporting and expert personnel.  Well, they could probably explain it better than me, but the point is that we will now have an electronic lock and key fob system, not just for our Suite entry, but also separate access authorization for each of the five case rooms.  If you partner with us for your document review needs, your team will have its own case room, and only your team will have access to that room.

Better Internet 

We are also stepping up our internet game.  Not only will I be able to follow Maryland basketball and football recruiting more efficiently, our review teams will also have much more powerful and reliable access to our cloud-based review platforms.  We will be moving to a Tier 1 Internet Service Provider and have also increased our bandwidth.  One of the huge bottlenecks that drags review efficiency is the time taken by the system to advance between documents during coding.  Extra seconds per document can result in untold thousands in extra costs.

More Amenities 

We put a lot of thought into every detail of our new space, so that it will look just right

We will also now have a dedicated conference room, an enhanced phone system, and 4 large screen tv’s for NCAA tournament… uh, I mean for case training videos.

And, our snack game has always been tight, but our new space will have an even bigger kitchen, and more popcorn kernel storage space.

Stop on By

We invite you to email us to set up a tour, or just stop on by.  We now have our own reception area at our suite entrance, but the trap door has not yet been installed.

New Address:

Hope to see y’all there!

Tanenholz & Associates, PLLC
1100 H Street, NW
Suite 440
Washington, DC 20005

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