David Tanenholz Discusses Artificial Intelligence and Changes in Law Practice in December Issue of Washington Lawyer

Managing Partner David Tanenholz is quoted in a Washington Lawyer article this month, “AI & the Legal Workplace,” about changes artificial intelligence has had and will have on the legal profession.

David discusses how AI has played a part in rapid changes to litigation, explaining, “[i]n the context of e-discovery, artificial intelligence is generally thought of as the use of advanced analytical and predictive coding tools to help organize, cull, manage, and execute data and document review projects. Naturally, we rely heavily on these artificial intelligence technologies when we manage document reviews.”

David said in some ways technology has already replaced attorneys. “I think in many ways technology does replace lawyers. Not entirely, of course, but it certainly reduces the number of attorney billable hours,” he said.

David wraps it up by expressing, “[w]hen it comes to technology, I’m reluctant to predict any limitations as to how far it will eventually go.” And, then he “jokingly” explains that one time he actually believed that “human drivers would always be necessary on the roadways.”

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