Law Firm Hires 11 Year Old Director of Marketing

A few nights ago, I had a discussion with my parents about our business model and the challenges we face explaining to potential clients how our discovery counsel law firm is different from a staffing agency that doesn’t provide legal advice. My 11 year old daughter Lindsey was sitting with us and chiming in from time to time — mostly saying that we needed a TV commercial to air during The Voice. The next morning, with exactly zero input from me, she created this video and sent it to me. She did it entirely on her phone, pulling the pictures off of our website, and articulating her own view of the matter. Kid’s got a talent for marketing!

Lindsey Tanenholz

Lindsey Tanenholz
Director of Marketing

When not attending to her rigorous sixth grade coursework at Holton-Arms, Lindsey serves as our chief marketing officer. She oversees all our marketing and advertising campaigns, primarily working through her iPhone. In her free time, she enjoys texting her friends, dancing ballet and writing fan fiction novellas.

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  1. Jonathan Finkelstein says:

    Wowed! Congratulations Lindsey.

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