Tanenholz & Associates, PLLC is a unique Discovery Counsel law firm headquartered in Washington, D.C. Our model involves partnering with trial counsel firms to provide e-discovery and document review solutions that are both cost-effective and highly defensible. Our attorney project managers, discovery associates, and many of our review attorneys have made their careers in e-discovery, and that commitment is reflected in the quality of our reviews. We implement meticulous substantive training, supervision, and quality control to provide our clients the quality they would expect from their trial counsel firms at a significantly reduced cost, without the gap in accountability that can arise in vendor-managed document reviews.Tanenholz & Associates, PLLC was founded with the understanding that corporate clients need integrated and scalable legal solutions for their discovery and document needs. We are committed to providing our clients with superior service at the lowest possible cost, and we believe our model offers the best value in document review and discovery management. Our clients rely on us to take their discovery projects from start to finish with oversight of the legal work performed throughout.

Unlike document review and off-shore vendors, we are able to take full responsibility for our legal work product as a law firm. We are not limited to first pass relevance reviews, but can instead manage all of the moving parts of a document review, including supervising attorneys, drafting privilege logs and certifying productions. This translates into savings for our clients, who would otherwise be billed for some or all of this time at traditional law firm rates. Our clients enjoy the best of both worlds: low-cost attorney review with management by experienced Discovery Counsel.

Our discovery management team has over fifty years of across-the-board experience in representing clients in high-stakes litigation from Complaint to trial verdict. This expertise includes years of assessing how documents interplay with fact witness and expert depositions, motion practice, privilege and confidentiality concerns, trial preparation and strategy, and settlement negotiations. This allows us to prioritize each aspect of the discovery process, as well as to appreciate how the successful execution of document collections, reviews, and productions will impact a case.

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We do the job once and we do it right. We are Your Discovery Counsel®.